Panaji, April 20, 2022

Minister for Panchayati Raj, Shri Mauvin Godinho inaugurated the new premises of the Directorate of Panchayat at Myles High Building at Patto, today in the presence of Guest of Honour, Secretary, Panchayats, Shri Sanjay Gihar, IAS, Director of Panchayats, Smt. Siddhi Halarnkar, Deputy Director, Panchayats (North), Smt Fiona Cardozo and others.

Shri Godinho stressed on the need to have a good ambience to work and said that with the new premises, the focus has been on becoming a people oriented department, where there will be minimum government and maximum governance.

He spoke of the aim of the ministry to encourage a clean and green Goa in Panchayat areas and said that with sufficient number of Secretaries in the Directorate, each Panchayat should now have a Secretary without additional charge.

The Director of Panchayat, Smt Siddhi Halarnkar said that the new premises became a reality under the efforts of the Minister, Shri Godinho. She said having a centrally located premises was done to ensure convenience to the general public.

Earlier, Deputy Director of Panchayat, (North), Smt Fiona Cardozo informed of the various facilities at the new premises such as secured record premises etc and said that people centric services was their aim.


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