Panaji: May 29, 2021

Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant extended his warm greetings to the Goans across the Globe on the occasion of Goa’s Statehood Day.

Dr. Sawant in his message said “In Spite of being India’s smallest state by area, Goa’s history is both long and diverse. Today, on 30th May, we celebrate Goa Statehood Day. On this day, in 1987, Goa ceased to be a Union Territory and became the 25th State of the Union of India. May 30th, is a result of the struggle by the Goans to protect their identity as Goans and therefore this day is of historic importance.

Goa has achieved remarkable progress over the last few decades, particularly in core sectors such as education, healthcare, development and infrastructure. The various developmental projects and programmes that are being initiated and implemented by the State is a clear indication that Goa is on the move to achieve greater progress.

Today, due to the covid pandemic there won’t be celebrations in the State. Currently Goa is under curfew and the government is taking utmost care and precautions to contain its spread. The current situation of the pandemic has given rise to various other challenges and the revival of the state’s economy has become the need of the hour. Today the State is fully geared up to meet any challenges of the present and the future, .

On the occasion of the Statehood Day, I take the opportunity to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of Goa. I would also like to request the people of Goa to continue to maintain and foster peace, harmony, friendship and co-operation and strive for the progress and development of the state, he concluded.

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