Panaji, May 26, 2021
Jyaistha 5, 1943

The Directorate of Art and Culture organizes month end theatre activity called “Prayog Saanj” on last Saturday of every month. Various Goan artists and institutions participate in this programme regularly.

Due to spurring cases of Covid 19 virus and also due to the SOPs by the Government, i.e. section 144 and curfew in force, the Prayog Saanj activity for the month of April 2021 was not staged.

The curfew being in force till May 31, 2021, also no new SOPs are issued by the Government. The month end theatre activity organized by the Directorate of Art and Culture, “Prayog Saanj” is postponed till further notice.

All the theatre artists, institutions and art lovers may kindly take note of the same.


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