May 10, 2021
Vaisakha, 20, 1943

The Office of the Superintending Engineer , Department of Electricity has informed that a Power supply breakdown occurred on 220/33KV EHV Xeldem substation catering power supply to South Goa District at 19.54 hrs. on May 08,2021. resulting in tripping of one 40 MVA power Transformer, thereby interrupting power supply to areas of Wadem, Sanguem, Xeldem, Netravali, Aquem, Fatorda and their surrounding areas The occurrence of Breakdown was beyond the control of the Department.

The Department’s team of Engineers immediately, on war footing attended the breakdown, and restored the power supply to all affected areas by 8:00 hrs on May 09, 2021.

During the period of breakdown, alternate power supply was made available from Ponda Substation to Aquem Fatorda and PWD Xeldem water pumping station. The occurrence of breakdown was beyond the control of the Department.

A hired 50MVA Power Transformer is being brought from outside the State, in place of the failed one at Xeldem Substation which will be shortly tested commissioned and thereafter, kept in charged condition.


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