DM NORTH DECALRES CONTAINMNET ZONES Constitutes RRT to investigate & initiate control measure

Panaji, April 30, 2021
Vaisakha 10, 1943

The District Magistrate, North, have declared areas as Micro –Containment Zones for all purpose and objectives prescribed in the protocol of COVID -19 to prevent its spread in the adjoining areas and have also constituted Rapid Response Team to investigate the outbreak and initiate control measure by assessing the situation.

H. No. 1079 and H. NO. 1043 of Part no 8 -Madhle Bhat, Siolim; Flat No. F-2 (Vailankanni Apts.) Riviera Sub line, H. No. 1244, H. No. 1151, H. No. 1311/A behind Evershrine Building of part no. 9 – Bammon wado, Siolim; H. No. 234, 235/EP-1, 235/A, 235, and 236, H. No. 195/D of part no. 19 – Madhla vada, Marna Siolim; H. No. 171/8(2) and H. No. 171/8 of part no. 19 – Soares vaddo, Marna – Siolim; H. No. 1045, 1013/1, 1055, and 1058, H. No. 1056 of part no. 25 – Grand Peddem, Anjuna, Sim waddo/ Fairfield, Anjuna, and H. No. 430/F and H. No. 528/2 of part no. 44, Nr. Narayan temple Canca Bandh, Canca has been declared Containment zones.

The Rapid Response team for Bardez Taluka being Dy. Collector and SDM-II, Bardez Taluka (Incharge); the Police Inspector of Anjuna Police Station; Health Officer, Primary Health Center, Siolim; Secretary, V.P. Marna- Siolim; Secretary, V.P. Anjuna- Caisua; Secretary, V.P. Verla –Canca; Fire Station Officer, Mapusa; Mamlatdar, Bardez Taluka and the Inspector of Civil Supply Department, Mapusa.

The District Magistrate has also prescribed action plan to be carried out including screening, testing of suspected cases, quarantine, isolation, social distancing and other public health measures in the Micro –Containment Zone effectively for combating the situation at hand.


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