Virtual meeting held on Prevailing COVID-19 Situation & the role, responsibility of public representatives

Panaji, April 19, 2021
Chaitra 29, 1943

On the initiative of the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Shri Om Birla, a Virtual Meeting of the Presiding Officers of the State Legislatures and other Leaders on the subject : “Prevailing COVID-19 Situation and the role and responsibility of public representatives, was held on April 19, 2021.

The Speaker of Goa legislature assembly Shri Rajesh Patnekar, also participated in the Virtual meeting. He briefed the Presiding Officers on the current situation in Goa and the various SOP’s and steps taken by the Government of Goa to control the spread of the virus and for the treatment of patients and the availability of oxygen beds, arrangements of
oxygen and Remdesivir at all the Centres where the same are required, as informed by the Department of Information and Publicity.

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