CM Holds Meeting With Swayampurna Mitras, Paryavekshakas

Panaji: April 8, 2021

Chief Minster, Dr. Pramod Sawant today held a meeting of Taluka Nodal Officers, Swayampurna Mitras, Paryavekshakas was called in Institute Menezes hall in the city today. Chief Secretary Shri Parimal Rai IAS, Principal Secretary Finance, Shri Piyush Goel was also present on the occasion.

The Chief Minister guiding the participants said that the Government has launched its flagship programme of making Goa self reliant from last 2nd October 2020 and have geared up Government machinery to fulfill the objective. To make Goa swayampurna is a dream cherished by the Government and to accomplish this, officers assigned the task are needed to be serious and work out the way to get the desired work done. Making Goa self-reliant means to help needy people in the State, he added.

The Chief Minister informing the participant that the State is dependent on neighbouring states for various goods which have been exposed during the period of pandemic stressed the need to overcome this situation by working in the direction in a proper way. He suggested the officers to collect basic data from various sources from the Villages.

The Chief Minister said although we are celebrating 60yrs of Goa Liberation, there are of people who are not able to get their basic amenities fulfilled. This is the area where we have to work. The Government has listed 10 basic amenities which are required to be made available to all and needy people – Water for all, shetlter for all, toilet for all, PM kisan card, Kisan credit card, soil health card, electricity for all, Graha Adhar, DSSY scheme, Insurance. He appealled to the participants to submit their suggestions in regards of fulfilling the objective of Swayampurna Goa which could be considered in the larger interest of the State.


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