Dr. Sawant Takes First Dose Of Covid Vaccine

Panaji, March 3, 2021
Phalguna 12, 1942

The Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant received the first dose of Coronavirus vaccine at Public Health Center (PHC) Sankhalim, today.

The Chief Minister went to PHC early this morning after he got call from the doctor confirming his appointment. Dr. Sawant, being a frontline worker as a doctor, had registered online for vaccination appointment.

“Took my first dose of vaccine at PHC, Sankhalim. It is remarkable how under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi we have strengthened our fight against Covid-19,” the Chief Minister told.

Dr. Sawant said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi took vaccine dose on Monday, giving a boost to the vaccination drive.

“Vaccine is safe and I appeal all those eligible people to come forward and get themselves vaccinated. Let us fight to make Goa COVID free at the earliest,” he said. Dr. Sawant urged people to continue taking precautions like wearing mask, maintaining social distancing even after being vaccinated.

Sharing his experience, the Chief Minister said that he did not feel any pain at the time of vaccination nor thereafter. He said that doctors have given some medicines, in case if some side effect like fever or body ache gets developed in next 24 hours. “I will be taking my second dose after 28 days,” he said.

Stating that vaccination drive is gaining momentum in Goa, Dr. Sawant said that on the spot registration is available in all Government run Health Centers, where vaccination is free of cost.

Private hospitals continue to take prior appointments and the vaccination charges are Rs 250, he said.

Responding to a question, the Chief Minister ruled out lockdown in the State while appealing the tourists visiting the coastal belt to follow safety norms. He also ruled out making Covid test mandatory for the tourists entering the State.

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