DM North Notifies Traffic Circulation Plan

Panaji, March 2, 2021
Phalguna 11, 1942

The District Magistrate, North has notified a traffic circulation plan in the area of Mandovi Brige and KTC Bus Stand area in Panaji.

The outgoing traffic from Panaji City will be on the new Patto Bridge and travel upto Divja Circle for going to the KTC Bus Stand. Divja Circle to Ktc Bus Stand will be one way for travel from Divja Circle to KTC Bus Stand. At KTC bus stand traffic towards Panaji city will be via road infront of Kadamba bus terminal enter road infront of Ambedkar garden and travel along the Multilevel parking road and enter the city via new Patto bridge second lane. Traffic in the Panaji can also enter via Old Patto bridge which will be one way only.

Traffic entering on 3rd Mandovi bridge will be allowed to be used as two way with prohibition on movement of 2 and 3 wheelers on the entire 3rd Mandovi bridge. The speed limit on the two bridges (Old and New) restricted to 30Km/h and the speed limit on the third Bridge will be restricted to 50 KMPH. All the three bridges are declared as No Halting No Parking Zones. Old Mandovi bridge and 3rd Mandovi bridge will be No Pedestrian Zones.

Dedicated lanes will be created for smooth merging of vehicular traffic coming from Malim side and desiring to proceed to Panaji. Likewise traffic from Panaji side dedesiring to take right and proceed to Journalist colony and near Hero Honda Showroom, as informed by Department of Information and Publicity.

DI/NB/AXP/JS/RLM /2021/1151

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