FDA to Host Essay Writing and Short Film Competition

Panaji, February 16, 2021
Magha 27, 1942

The Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration under the guidance of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, has planned an array of activities related to promoting health diets, eating right and creating awareness among the young mind and general public of the State. It has decided to host an Essay Writing competition on the theme ‘Eat Right’ for school students studying in eight standard till the twelfth Standard up to the age of 18 years and a Short Film competition open for youth in two categories, Senior Level, Age between 21 to 35 and Junior Level, age between 15 to 21, on the same theme.

The links to register for the above competitions and the competition rules are available on the department’s web site, www.dfda.goa.gov.in, the last date to register is February 28, 2021.

The winning entries will receive cash prizes as follows for Short ad-Film /Video, for Senior category First prize is Rs. 15,000 Second prize is Rs. 10,000 and Third prize is Rs. 7,500 for Junior category First prize is Rs. 10,000 Second prize is Rs.7,500 and Third prize is Rs. 5,000.

Similarly for Essay competition the top three ranked essays First prize is Rs. 7,000 Second prize is 5,000 and Third prize is 3,000, following 4 entries will get a consolation prize of 1,500 each, as informed by Department of Information and Publicity.

DI/NB/AXP/PP/RLM /2021/ 1079

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