Control Room numbers for Covid-19

Panaji, March 25, 2020

The State has set up control rooms for interstate travel, medical assistance and essential supply of medicines.

The number for State Control Room (For interstate and intrastate coordination) is 0832-2419550 with Shri Sudin Natu as in charge. Control Room number for North and south District is 0832-2225083 and 0832-2794100 respectively with Shri Pravin Gawas being in-charge of North and Shri Ishant Sawant as in-charge of South District.

For any medical assistance required and for essential supply of medicine the medical helpline numbers are 104 and 7823026971. The Medical helpline (WhatsApp) is 9607909559.

The email ID’s for travel passes for North District is and for South District its


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