Hoarding and Selling Masks, Hand Sanitizers at Higher Price Will Attract Action

Panaji : March 21, 2020
Chatra 1, 1941

 The Government of Goa has emphasized upon the Stake holders that hoarding of  essential commodities like masks, hand sanitizers will not be done nor sell at a price higher than printed on the packet or commodity. In case any hoarding or black marketing of this products/commodities are noticed/reported strict action under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and/or any other relevant Acts/Rules in force will be initiated against the defaulters during the aforesaid period.

The Wholesalers and retailers/Pharmacist should ensure that sufficient stock is maintained in their registered godowns/Shops and the same are made available to the general public as and when required.

The General public is therefore requested to bring to the notice of the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Panaji-Goa or the Department of Legal Metrology, Porvorim – Goa for any hoarding or illegalities noticed in the supply/sales of the above cited commodities.

 The Government of India in order to regulate the production, quality, distribution, prices and other aspects logistics of mask (2ply & 3ply surgical masks, N95 masks) ,  hand sanitizers and other aspects of alcohols used in manufacturing the hand sanitizers for preventing infections due to virus and bacteria (for COVID 19 management) has Vide Notification bearing No. S.O.1087 (E) dated 13th March, 2020 has notified “ (8) masks (2ply & 3ply Surgical masks, N95 masks)  & hand sanitizers ”  as  Essential Commodities  and brought under Essential Commodities Act 1955.

Also vide Notification bearing No. S.O.1169 (E) dated 19th March, 2020 has ordered  that “ (1) In the Essential Commodities Act 1955, raw material used in manufacturing as essential commodity shall be treated as essential commodity.

(2) The prices of the alcohols used in manufacturing the hand sanitizers shall not exceed from those prevailing on 05.03.2020 without concurrence of the Central Government” The said Notifications will  remain in force for a period up to 30th June,  2020.


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