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I.                  Rules:


(1) Title & Scope: This rules will be known as “Goa State working journalists welfare scheme rules-2002”.


(2) This will be in force all over Goa.


(3) This rules will come into force with immediate effect and all those journalists who had retired or retiring from service on or before 15 years will be entitled to get welfare under this scheme, subject to the conditions prescribed in this scheme.


II.               Objectives:


(1) “Goa state working journalist welfare scheme” is meant for the welfare of working journalists, retired from service after working in Goa, and their families.


III.           Definition :


(a)  Working journalist means, a journalist who is working in Goa for one or more newspapers and who comes under the definition wage board under the Working Journalists and Newspaper Employees Service Conditions and Miscellaneous Conditions Act, 1955.


(b) “Family” means spouse of working journalists, unmarried children below the age of 21 years and parents who are dependent on working journalist.

(c)  Governing body means a Committee constituted by the Government under Government order consisting of Secretary (Information and Publicity) as Chairman, Director of Information as Convener / Member Secretary, two representatives of the Goa Union of Journalists’ Guild, Joint Secretary / Under Secretary (Finance) and Director of Accounts / Joint Director of Accounts as Members.


(d) “Service” means period of work in Goa as a working journalist for me or more newspapers, continuously or in intervals for a period of 15 years.


(e)  Retirement from service means retirement after attaining age of superannuation while working in a newspaper of discontinuance of job on account of newspaper stopping publication or inability to continue in job due to any other reasons. A journalist who continues to be in profession after the age of retirement (i.e. 50 years) will also entitle for the benefit only on completion of service. However, retirement will be considered only on crossing the age of 50 years.


(f)   Establishment means Newspaper Offices / establishments and newspaper publishing from Goa as specified under the Working Journalists and Newspaper Employees Service Conditions and Miscellaneous Conditions Act, (45 of 1955).


(g)  Schemes means the working journalists pension scheme for which these rules are framed.


IV.           Eligibility :


(a)  All working journalists, who fall under the categories mentioned below, will be eligible for welfare under the scheme.


(1)Those who retire after fifteen years of service, not below 50 years of age in Goa, continuous or with intervals, and who has contributed for period of 180 months under this scheme only after attaining age of 58 or after he or she retires from service.

(2)Those who register under the Scheme within 6 months of the implementation and whose contribution fails less than 180 months, they will be governed by Registration clause referred below. However, a relaxation could be granted if the working journalist concerned is afflicted is undergoing treatment for any serious ailment. Such a relaxation could be granted only after the governing body ratifies such a request from the working journalist concerned.

No working journalist will be entitled to join the scheme for the second time, after once surrendering membership of the scheme or the membership is cancelled, or after once availing benefits of the scheme.


V.               Welfare Funds: 

(1) A separate fund has to be constituted for granting welfare fund under the scheme.


(2) The fund will comprise of the following:


(a)  Contribution from the State Government.



(b) Monthly contribution from the working journalists, who are members of this scheme.


(c)  The Fund will be at disposal of the governing body, This governing body have to use this fund under the scheme.


VI.        Registration of working journalists

1)    Any working journalist, who has completed 18 years of age and not completed 50 years; and who is working as a working journalist will be entitled to register himself/herself as member of the scheme. However, any journalist, who is working at the time of these rules coming into force, should register as a member of the scheme within six months from the date of these rules coming into force.


2)    Any journalists who are above 55 years at the time of enforcement of the Scheme and want to join the Scheme within six months are entitled to register under the Scheme provided they contributed lumpsum amount equivalent to 5 years. Contribution in one or more installments, but before age of 58 years or retirement whichever is earlier.


3)    The application for registration as a member has to be submitted in prescribed Proforma (Annexure-I) to the Governor of the governing body.


4)    The applications must be accompanied by a statement (Annexure –III) issued by the newspaper concerned, showing details of name of the establishment, work of the applicant, date of joining service and date of birth as per official records, maintained in newspaper concerned.


5)    The convener of the governing body or an officer authorized on his/her behalf must receive the application and enter the name of applicant and other details in the register to be maintained for this purpose.


VII.         General Instructions Regarding Membership :

1)    Any member, who attains 58 years of age, or completes 50 years after becoming member of the scheme, whichever is earlier, will be entitled for welfare under the scheme.


2)    Any member, who remains without working as a journalist continuously for a period of one year, will automatically loose his membership.


3)    Any member, who defaults in payment of his contribution continuously for a period of six months, will automatically loose his membership. However, the governing body can restore the membership of such a member concerned on producing documents or sufficient evidence to establish that he / she was not able to unforeseen circumstances. Such restoration of membership will not be – allowed for more than three times.


4)    Any member, who looses his membership for the above mentioned reasons, is entitled to get back his contribution towards the fund within a period of one year.


VIII.      Contribution towards the fund:

     Every member of the fund will have to make monthly contribution to the fund in the following manner:

1.     18 to 35        Rs. 100 p.m.                  For period of 180 months

2.     36 to 45        Rs. 150 p.m.                  continuously or with intervals,

3.     46 to 58        Rs. 200 p.m.                  except to those who register

within 6 months of this Scheme coming into force.

IX Remittance of Contribution :


1)    Each member of the scheme have to deposit his/her monthly contribution in the Directorate of Information and Publicity, Panaji, Goa. This remittance has to be deposited by Directorate of Information and Publicity in the State Bank of India by opening a Bank Account for the purpose of the scheme so also Government contribution. The contributions has to be made from the date of 1st April, 2002. Each member would be given a pass book, having his/her photograph. Entries of amount remitted every month, date of remittance and total of remittance should be mentioned in this pass book.

The details mentioned in the pass book can be treated as basic document and evidence for granting welfare under the scheme. In the event of member misplacing the pass book, a duplicate pass book can be issued on payment of Rs. 25/-.


2)    In case of default of payment of contribution, the member is entitled to remit the outstanding dues with interest ( interest amount to be decided). However, this entitlement will not be for those who default payment of contribution continuously for a period of six months.


X. Governing Body

                 A Committee to be constituted by Government under specific Government order.


XI      Power of governing body:

1)    Consider applications and granting welfare for eligible applicants, reject application as per rule 16, reconsideration of applications, etc.

2)    Consider applications for restoration of membership of those who lost membership as per rule 7.

3)    Plan development of the scheme from time to time.

4)    The governing body can vest its powers with a three member sub-committee comprising from amongst its members.

5)    To open Bank account and operate the same for the purpose of Scheme.

XII Welfare Fund Amount:

Rs. 1,000 P.M. 


XIII. Government Assistance:

Rs. 5 Lacs initially and thereafter Rs. 2 Lacs every year for first 5 years.

XIV Application for Welfare:

The applicant should submit an employment certificate from the newspaper establishment, with which he/she is working, or from the president or secretary of Goa Union of Working Journalist of the State, along with the application.

1)    In the event of death of a member of the scheme, the family members, as specified under this rule, can submit an application for family welfare.

XV. Sanction of Welfare:

On receipt of application for welfare the governing body, or the subcommittee  authorized by the governing body should consider it within on e month from the date of receipt of application and issue order to the convenor. The convenor, if satisfied, is authorized to issue temporary welfare for a  place within one month on receipt of application for welfare. However, such decision has to be ratified at the next meeting of the governing body. In an case the applicant will get welfare from the firt day of the month, which falls soon after his retirement.

XVI. Rejection of Application

The governing body can reject any publication, citing sufficient reasons, which have to mention separately on the application. These reasons have to be intimated to the member with due acknowledgement.

XVII. Reconsideration:

The governing body will have the powers suo moto or otherwise to reconsider any application, which had been rejected earlier, and grant welfare under the scheme. In the event of rejection of any application for welfare, the member is entitled to submit a request for reconsideration of higher application within three months after receipt of intimation regarding rejection of application. However, the decision of the governing body on such an application will be final and binding on the member.

XVIII. Family Welfare

Rs. 500/- P.M. to the family.

XIX. Nomination:

1)    Every member of the scheme will have to nominate a member of his family to receive welfare in the event of his/her death. It will be only on the basis of this nomination that family welfare and other  amount due to the member would be granted after death of the member concerned.

2)    Any member, who does not have a family as specified in these scheme, can nominate any relative or aide. But, such nominations will automatically terminated once the family, as defined, come into existence.

3)    Nominations once made cannot be changed. But in the event of death of the nominee or as specified under 19 (2) the governing body can decide on changing the nominee. The application for this purpose has to be given to the convneor.

XX. Payment of Welfare Fund:

Welfare amount will be disbursed by cheque by Director of Information and Publicity, after sixth of every month.

XXI Cancellation of Welfare Fund:

Welfare sanctioned earlier can be cancelled at any time if the governing body is satisfied that it was wrongly sanctioned or issued on the basis of false information furnished by the applicant. In such an event, the recipient has to return the amount claimed. Before cancellation of welfare, the governing body must hear the other party, by granting sufficient opportunity to explain his/her position.

XXII. Change of Scheme:

The State government will have the powers to suo moto or on the recommendations of the governing body modify the rules, either with retrospective or prospective effect, by adding or deleting any provisions.

XXIII. Interpretation and Explanation:

The governing body will have to refer to the state government if it feels that any explanation is necessary regarding implementation of the scheme and interpretation of the rules. The decision of the government will be final.




A N N E X U R E - I


                      Application form for membership


1.     Name in full and address of the applicant:


2.     The name and address where the applicant in working:


3.     Age and date of birth of the applicant:


4.     Name of job:


5.     The date of entry into service and total service:


6.     If the applicant had any previous service in other newspaper organizations, its details:


7.     The name and address and the relationship of the nominee who will receive the family welfare in the event of the death of the journalist:



                                                                             Signature of the applicant


Place :


Date :


Note : Attested copy to prove the date of birth is to be enclosed.









A N N E X U R E – II




                      Application form for granting welfare under the Goa Journalists Welfare Fund Scheme


1.     Name of the applicant :


2.     Age and date of birth :


3.     Full address :


4.     The name and address of the organization working at present :


5.     Name of the job :


6.     Date of entry into service :


7.     Date of superannuation:



     Certified that all the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge.




                                                                             Signature of the applicant




Date :


Note : Attested copy to prove the date of birth is to be enclosed.





                  The Goa Journalists Welfare Fund Scheme

Report to be furnished by the newspaper organization/general secretary of the Goa Union of Journalists (GUJ)

I am submitting the report after considering necessary enquiry on the details  furnished by Shri/Smt…………. in his/her application form.

1.     The applicant comes under the purview of the Goa Journalist Welfare Fund Scheme.

2.     At present the applicant is working with……………..

3.     As per documents (please specify) submitted by the  applicant, his/her age is …………………………

4.     Other details furnished by the applicant are true/not true

5.     Any other remarks.




Office Seal:






Sub committee/ Selection Process