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Dated:  08-January-2018


                                                                                                             Panaji, January 8, 2018

                                                                                                        Pausa 18, 1939


            The Governor of Goa, Dr. (Smt.)  Mridula Sinha did the launched the National Swachchta Abhiyan in Varanasi, Marvadi Yuva Manch on January 6, 2018. She said that Indian culture has always given special significance to cleanliness. The Governor said, In our every custom and tradition, we have emphasized on cleanliness of ourselves and our surroundings.  We must make clean India a part of our lifestyle.

            The event was organised by Marvadi Yuva sangh situated in Laksa. When the Governor was the chief guest.

Mridula Sinha nominated the Marvadi Yuva Forum as her messenger for the Swachchta abhiyan and appealed to all citizens to make cleanliness their first priority. She also stated that a vast country like India can be kept clean only by cleaning it on our own and not spreading the dirt. In present, any social problem can be easily solved with the advice of our senior citizens.

            Presenting the five-point National Swachchta Abhiyan of Marvadi Yuva Manch, former national President, K Jajodiya said that in order to fulfil the huge goal of national cleanliness, the entire campaign will be divided in five sources: Resolution, Contact, Affability, Glory And Honor.

            In the first phase of the programme, one lakh people will be given a cleanliness oath under Swachchta abhiyan. Messages by the president of Marvadi yuva sangh, Ravi Aggarwal and National cleanliness convener Subhash Verma were also read out. Attendees signed the resolution letter after taking cleanliness oath.

            The Governor, Mridula Sinha inaugurated the three posters of the swachchta abhiyan . Some cleaners of the town were rewarded under the sanctity of honor. Also for the significant contribution, the president of Sunbeam Education Group, Deepak Madhok, Anoop Sarraf, Srinagar Colony Committee, Mahmoorganj Regional Citizen Committee attached to Maheshwari Council etc were honoured. Vijay Modi, Pawan Aggarwal, Anil Aggarwal, Abhay Aggarwal, Neetu Muraka, Pooja Lohia, Sheela Jaipuriya etc were also present in the event.

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