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Panaji, August  14, 2018

                                                                                                            Sravana 23, 1940

Surface of the road has developed cracks due to rainy season resulting in potholes leading to accumulation of rain water. This has slowed down the pace of movement of vehicles. Consequently the normal flow of traffic is hampered. This is resulting in piling up of traffic especially during peak hours from Agacaim side to Cortalim.

 Superintendent of Police, Traffic has informed that the ongoing construction work of new Zuari Bridge and Fly-Over from Agacaim side to Cortalim the vehicular traffic on the said stretch is being regulated by Goa Police with extra deployment of manpower.

The Traffic Police and PWD officials have conducted joint site inspection of the affected stretch and necessary repairs are being undertaken shortly. Due to continuous rain and flow of  traffic a lot of difficulty is being faced by PWD in carrying out the necessary repairs.

The commuters are requested to co-operate with Traffic Police personnel on duty engaged in regulating the traffic. They are also requested to follow lane system to avoid being the cause of traffic jam.