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 Panaji, February 5, 2021

Magha 16, 1942


Chief Minister, Dr Pramod Sawant lighted ceremonial lamp to mark the celebration of World Cancer Day at a function held at Donapaula organized by Gokarma Oncology Association celebrated, yesterday.


The Chief Minister speaking said that the deadly disease cancer is taking the world into its grip. Cases are on the rise in the State. Change in our lifestyle, unhealthy food, late pregnancy are main reasons of cancer, he said and added that the only way to treat cancer is early detection and timely treatment.


Dr. Sawant reiterating Government’s commitment towards the health of the people pointed that cancer detection camps are conducted to bring awareness about the cancer. Government has implemented mediclaim facility for the treatment of cancer. Public and private together can work effectively to arrest the menace of cancer, he added.


Health Minister, Shri Vishwajit Rane in his address said that Government has already initiated steps in setting up of tertiary cancer diagnostic care center to treat cancer patients in the State. He said that the disease of cancer is on the rise in the State due to many reasons. But this is a challenge for the officials working in this sector. Many people succumb to cancer due to lack of protocol, early detection, change in life style, he remarked.


Goa is the only State in the country who gives free treatment to the people for all the diseases, which I am proud, he said and called for creating awareness so as to apprise people. Setting of cancer registry will help to identify cancer patients for treatment on time, he said and sought cooperation of expert people working in this sector. 


Dr Anil D'Cruz, President of Union for International Control, Geneva, stressed  on  the need of  developing a mechanism  and policy to arrest the rise of cancer. Cancer control is not something which can be done in isolation. Only state of art facilities will not help to control cancer. 

            Goa is a fine place with adequate infrastructure but however, due to wrong mind set, people go to Mumbai or elsewhere for the treatment of cancer, he said and urged the people to change their mindset and appealed to  the leaders  to  look for cancer control policy.


Dr. Shekhar Salkar welcomed the dignitaries. 


            Dr. Amish Dalal, Dr. Sawant Members and experts from the field of oncology were present on the occasion.


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