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Panaji:  January 22, 2021

Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant has inaugurated and commissioned Bio-digester of the Corporation City of Panaji  at Panaji today .

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister congratulating the CCP team for taking the initiative of installing the Bio Digester, which is innovative idea said Corporation City of Panaji (CCP) is always striving to keep Pananji city clean.

The waste collection is segregated based on its criteria i.e. plastic waste, biomedical waste, taking one step ahead, this project will decentralize the Solid waste Management System and will provide clean energy; ease the bad smell of waste and in coming days definitely will give fruitful result for sustainable development, the Chief Minister remarked.

He said, this type of innovating project will help to support the mission of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Swaympurna Goa. Under the Solid waste Management Corporation, many projects are in line, which will go a long way in segregating the waste. The Government will support to put Bio digester in all municipalities The Department of Municipal Corporation will extend its support, Dr. Sawant added.   

The City of Panaji has successful decentralized Solid Waste management system. In order to scientifically treat the food waste, the Corporation is assisting the housing colonies and commercial establishments to set up facilities within the premises. One of the first bio-gas units to be set up in the residential colony premises was at Kamat estate at Tonca Panaji.

Under the Funding program  on “INNOVATION CLEAN  TECHNOLOGIES” Department of Biotechnology Industry research Assistance Council, Government of India, has supported the Corporation of the City of  Panaji in providing funds to the tune of Rs. 2,50,00000/- (Rupees  Two Crore Fifty Lakhs) for establishing Bio digesters of cumulative capacity 5  TPD.  The technology provider for the bio-digester being Flycatcher Technologies LLP.

The corporation of the City of Panaji has started installation of the Bio digester in the City of Panaji with capacities ranging from 75 KG to 1000 kg. These Bio digesters will process  and treat food waste in a scientific manner. The by-products comprising of biogas would be supplied to the canteen in the premises and the fertilizer would be used as fertilizer in gardens.

A total of 12 locations in the city have been considered for setting up the bio digester facility.

CCP Mayor, Shri Uday Madkaikar, Commissioner, CCP, Shri Sanjit Rodriguez , Founder and CTO Flycatcher Technologies LLP Dr. Kabir Udeshi , Member Secretary , Goa Sate Bio-diversity board including councillors of CCP were among those present and spoke on the occasion.

Three bio digesters which have been proposed to be commissioned for setting up the bio digester are CCP building premises with capacity of 300kg/day, Goa reserve Police Premises at Altinho with capacity of 150 kg/day and Government Polytechnic Premises Panaji with a Capacity of 150 kg/day.