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          Smt. Pratima Kiran Vernekar, State Information Commissioner has demitted the office today. She was earlier working as public prosecutor in Directorate of prosecution from 1993 to 2015 before joining as State Information Commissioner.


          Smt. Pratima Vernekar as conducted many sensitive murder cases during her tenure has public prosecutor and is the youngest Commissioner in the State of Goa who as joined has State Information Commissioner.


          When she took over charge as SIC in 2016 there were backlog of more than 2000 cases in the commission. Smt. Vernekar has cleared more than 1000 cases during her tenure, in addition to an average of 300 cases filed each year. The Commissioner took excessive efforts in disposing the matters and at present there are about 200 cases pending in the commission.


          Delhi based NGO “Satark Nagrik Sangathan” in its report on functioning of Information Commissions in India as appreciated the efforts taken by Goa State Information Commission in disposing matters and has praised the transparency in the working of this Commission.


Smt. Vernekar is associated with Bharat Vikas Parishad and Samrat Club.


          Smt. Pratima K. Vernekar was presently holding the post of Incharge Officiating, Chief Information Commissioner, after Ex SCIC Shri Prashant Tendolkar demitted office on February 11, 2020.


DI/NB/PN/PP/ RLM/2020/842