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Panaji, December 24, 2020



       Governor of Goa, Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari has extended his heartiest greetings and warm wishes to the people of Goa, particularly the Christian brethren on the occasion of Christmas.  

       The Governor in his message has said, Christmas is a joyous festival as it heralds the day on which Jesus Christ the son of God came to this earth as a saviour to redeem mankind from sins. As the bible says, “God so loved this world that he gave us his only begotten son”. The life of Jesus Christ teaches us that the he preached the eternal values of peace, love, compassion, brotherhood and harmony. He gave up his own self for the greater good of mankind through his act of crucification. His live and teachings will forever serve as a balm in this troubled world.

      On this festive occasion to commemorate the birth of Son of God, let us dedicate ourselves to live in peace and harmony and work for greater glory and progress of the nation, Governor added.