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Panaji, December 9, 2020

    Agrahayana 18, 1942

The Department of Finance (Revenue and Control) hereby directed all licensed premises “for the sale of liquor” located within the Zilla Panchayat Constituencies of North and South Goa Districts, to remain closed from 00.00 hours On December 11, 2020 to midnight of December 12, 2020, being the day of polling and from 00.00 hours of December 14, 2020 up to midnight being the day of counting of votes within the jurisdiction of local body where counting is taking place in view of General Elections to Zilla Panchayats Constituencies of North and South Goa Districts, 2020 in the state of Goa.

Similarly the licensed premises having license for “Bar and Restaurant” may be allowed to keep the restaurant open for serving food only. However, the Bar counter shall be closed and no liquor shall be allowed to be served on the above mentioned days. The owners of the licensed premises having “Bar and Restaurant” shall also display a board in the licenses premises, stating that no liquor will be served and that the restaurant will be open for serving food only,  as informed by Department of Information and Publicity.