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      Panaji: October 12, 2020

       Ashvina 20, 1942

        The Government has invited appropriate nominations/recommendations for Ashoka Chakra series of gallantry awards in three categories viz. Ashoka Chakra (awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some act of daring or pre-eminent valour of self sacrifice), Kirti Chakra (awarded for conspicuous gallantry) and Shaurya Chakra (awarded for gallantry) to be announced on Republic Day-2021 in the prescribed proforma latest by October 15, 2020.


The person recommended for the award must be bonafide and suitable candidates for the awards. Complete details of the gallantry act, including sequence-wise details of the steps taken by the person connected with the act, nature of risk involved, etc should be clearly mentioned in the recommendation. This should be properly corroborated by documents like FIR or other reports from police authority.

        A certificate about the verification of the character and antecedents of the person recommended is forwarded in the enclosed format along with the recommendation, in the absence of which the recommendation will not be considered.

        The gallant act for considering recommendations for Ashoka Chakra series of awards should have been performed not more than two calendar years ago from the date of the occasion i.e Republic Day in this case. Therefore, recommendations for gallant acts performed in the calendar years 2019 and 2020 may only be forwarded to the Ministry for consideration.

        Photograph and brief Life Sketch of the recommended person should also be sent.   


The Government has instituted several awards to honour individuals acts of merit and gallantry. The idea behind instituting a system of awards and decorations is that the awards and decorations, which are tangible tokens of recognition of the service rendered by an individual, could act as a powerful incentive for greater efforts by that person and also serve as an example for others to emulate.

        The Ashoka Chakra series of gallantry awards are amongst the highest gallantry awards of the country. The awards are announced by the Government of India on occasions of Republic Day and Independence Day every year. Besides the Defence personnel, civilian citizens of either sex in all walks of life, and members of Police Forces, Central Armed Police Forces and Railway Protections Force are also eligible for these awards.

        It is the practice to invite nominations/recommendation for the gallantry awards twice every year from all State/UT Governments and Ministries/Departments of the Government of India. Very few recommendations are received. Despite the fact that various incidents of gallant acts performed by individuals are regularly reported in the print and electronic media. Such acts of bravery/gallantry go unrecognized in the absence of appropriate recommendation in their favour by the State Government or other organizations to which the individual involved in the gallantry act belongs.