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   Panaji: September 16, 2020

                                                         Bhadra 25, 1942

        The Captain of Ports has informed that until further orders, the Aguada Bar is declared open for all water-borne traffic with effect from September 16, 2020.

        It is also notified that the lighthouses of Campal, Tejo Front, Tejo Rear, Reis Magos, Penha de Franca, and Aguada Beacon will start functioning  from the above date with usual characteristics.

        It is also notified that navigation through the Cumbarjua Canal under the Banastarim Bridge has been totally banned except with prior permission of the Captain of Ports, Panaji.

        Owners/Mariners are requested to exercise extreme caution while navigating through bridges.

        Crossing or overtaking of vessels in the vicinity of bridges in the rivers 500 meters on either side of the bridge is strictly prohibited.

        All vessels plying through the New Konkan Railway Bridge at Daujim, across River Mandovi are required to navigate under the span with utmost caution.

        Masters/Serangs of all vessels exceeding draught of 2.6 meters are warned not to cross through the Aguada Sand Bar during low water period and are advised to cross through the Aguada Sand Bar only during high water period, with utmost care and caution by assessing the situation.