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    Panaji: September 14, 2020

                                                          Bhadra 23, 1942

The  Election Commission of India (ECI) as per revised guidelines to publicise the criminal antecedents by the  contesting candidates as well as by the political parties nominating such  candidates have revised the timeline for publicity in newspapers and television in following manner- First publicity within first 4 days of last date of withdrawal; Second publicity- within 5th to 8th day of last date of withdrawal and Third publicity- from 9th day till the last day of campaign, (i.e.  two days prior to date of poll).

 This timeline will help the voters in exercising their choices in a more  informed manner. 

It is further clarified that uncontested  winner candidates as well as the political parties who nominate them will  also publicise the criminal antecedents, if any, as prescribed for other  contesting candidates and political parties. 

 As decided by Commission, a compendium of all instructions and  formats issued so far, in this matter, is being published for the benefit of  stakeholders. This will help in creating more awareness amongst the voters and other stakeholders. 

All instructions, must be complied by the contesting  candidates with criminal antecedents and the political parties regarding  their nominated candidates. These modified instructions will apply with immediate effect.