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Panaji:-July 23, 2020

The Government has conducted an Impact Assessment Survey of sanctioned Griha Aadhar Scheme through Goa Electronics Ltd., Panaji. It is informed that during the survey, some of the Griha Aadhar Scheme beneficiaries could not be surveyed due to various reasons like beneficiary not available, beneficiary not cooperative, house not traceable, house closed, migrated out of India, migrated out of Goa and migrated within Goa.

All these beneficiaries were issued notices through Taluka Level, ICDS Block Offices, however many of these beneficiaries have not complied to these notices. Hence, an SMS will be sent to the non-complied beneficiaries requesting to call on helpline No. 0832-2438844 of Goa Electronics Ltd. to register for re-survey and re-start of scheme and failure to register within 30 days from the receipt of the SMS shall be liable for cancellation of scheme.

It is further informed that the prescribed limit of 30 days, the Griha Aadhar Scheme benefit of non-registered beneficiaries shall be stopped and they may have to reapply under the scheme if they wish to avail the scheme.