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 July 15, 2020

Asadha 24, 1942


Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant recently attended the concluding ceremony of a one day Seminar / orientation program held for senior officers of the Water Resources Department(WRD) at Paryatan Bhavan. The seminar lecture was delivered by Dr. Pratibha, Officer on Special Duty and Social Scientist.

The training program emphasized on officers to revisit and en-cash their talents for the benefit of the State. Programs to refresh the mind of the staff with innovative interventions like breathing exercise, puzzle solving, group discussions inter group deliberation etc were added to the attraction of the orientation program.

In his address the Chief Minister said that engineers have vast experience and knowledge in the domain of Water Resources and they should strive hard to ensure Water Security of the State in the times to come and be one step ahead of the demand. “Although there are disputes between the States for water, looking at the larger picture in the years to come, there will be wars waged among the countries for water.  Hence, it is prudent and duty of all the officers to plan and implement the projects ahead of time. Every scheme should be well planned and implemented, so that the benefits reach the beneficiary in time,” the Chief Minister said.

Dr. Sawant stressed on the gap between revenue generation and realization.   “In these challenging times, the country and State are facing economic stress. The department should come out with proposals to improve the revenue realization. A new thought process should begin and explore new verticals to generate revenue without compromising the interest of the State,” he said.

He further added that rich experience, knowledge and ideas gained by the officers in their long service in the department are the assets of the State and these valuable assets should be shared with all the officers of lower rank, by holding meetings and seminars. Such dissemination of knowledge will enrich the skill development, problem solving capabilities   and   crisis management, which will go a long way to achieve vision 2020 -2025 for water resources. 

Dr. Pratibha in her lecture said that while discharging the duties, officers need to keep the needs of the common people as utmost priority and ensure last mile delivery. All the projects undertaken are to be reviewed regularly for their performance. Officers need to adopt the people's participatory approach while conceiving a project, such that the common man reaps the fullest benefit of the project.

Healthy deliberations were held during the orientation program wherein officers contributed their experience and knowledge in the field to carve out the way forward in short listing the short term and long term goals. The orientation also deliberated on ways to achieve the goals, by fixing a realistic mile stone and alongside working on the peripheral infrastructure, to ensure reduction in gestation period, quick last mile delivery.