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July 15, 2020

Asadha 24, 1942


The Electricity Department has issued Monsoon Advisories for safety and prevention from electrocutions. The consumers are advised not to venture near any electrical installations. Consumers are advised to caution children against playing near such electricity installations, electricity poles, transformers, RMUs, distribution boxes, power cables etc even if they are barricaded.  

The consumers are also advised to get entire wiring in their premises thoroughly checked and tested by a licensed electrical contractor.  Put off the main switch in case there is water logging or leakage in the meter cabin. Put on the main switch only after ensuring that all faults have been rectified.  Refrain from attempting power theft by hooking on to an electricity system which poses a serious safety hazard. 

Consumers are requested to kindly intimate the Electricity Department authorities in case one comes across any fallen cable, pole, exposed wiring or interference in the power lines etc. The Electricity Department authorities can be reached via the 24x7 call centre on toll free no. 1912, or landline nos. 0832-2458304 and 0832-2490800. Consumers can also reach via the consumer login on filling details under tab Notification registration/ tracking after which a notification registration no. will be communicated via email.