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July 10, 2020

Asadha 19, 1942

The Enforcement Squad of North Goa District for enforcing effective implementation of illicit drug/ cigarettes and other Tobacco products has been reconstituted by the District Magistrate, North Goa.


                The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Department of Health Research, Government of India has appealed to the general public to refrain from consuming the smokeless tobacco products and spitting in public places during the COVID epidemic.

            The Enforcement Squad of all taluka are directed to take action on illicit tobacco products which are in circulation without paying taxes including other sections under COTPA Act, 2003 and also to prohibit the use and spitting of chewing smokeless tobacco products in public places.

            The Squad includes Mamletdars/ Jt Mamletdars, PSI attached to local police station and a member of NGO.

            The enforcement officers will furnish the reports/ ATR to the office of District Magistrate, North and deposit the fine amount collected during the drive in accounts given by the Government.