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 Panaji:- June 19, 2020

                                                                Jyaistha 29,1942  

Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB) appeals all those involved in plucking, packing, roadside sale, market sale of the wild edible mushrooms known as ‘Roen Alami’(Termitomyces species) not to encourage exploitation of such wild mushrooms by purchasing them and instead patronize the much cheaper, more nutritious and cleaner button mushrooms and the consumersavailable in local markets. The people involved in this trade can also take training from agriculture department to cultivate oyster mushrooms and earn more income. 

          They have further appealed to the people to leave behind at least fifty percent young stages on the termite mounds for conservation of their diversity. They have stated that nobody should bring very small mushrooms for marketing nor should plunder rare smaller species found outside forest areas.

Owners of private forests are also requested to take care of the species and conserve them.  GSBB appeals all wild edible mushroom consumers to be very careful of samples which could be adulterated with look-alike poisonous mushrooms.

The GSBB fears that overexploitation of mushrooms may also result in eruption  and release of quarantined new forest diseases viz. Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV).

‘Roen Alami’ (Termitomyces species) play very important role as a powerful biodegrading fungus in forest and grassland ecosystems converting fifty percent dead plant material on ground into rich soil. Besides these mushrooms destroy virus carrying vectors in forest and keep away diseases affecting humans.