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Panaji, June 17, 2020

   Jyaistha 27,1942 


 The statement of market price are intimated by the Office Registrar of Co-operatative Societies of important essential commodities in Panaji, for the week ending June 6, 2020 which is as follows.

In wholesale, the prices of gram kabuli big, green peas, tomatoes increased by Rs.500/- to Rs.900/-, Rs.500, Rs500/- per quintal respectively and sunflower oil, vegetable ghee “Ruchi” by Rs.30/- to Rs.50/-, Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- per tim of 15 liters respectively. Wheat shrivri, moong decreased by Rs. 100/-, Rs.3600/- to Rs.3700/- per quintal respectively during the week.

In retail the prices of important essential commodities like parboiled  rice outside, raw rice common, turdal barshi, moongdal, wheat khandva, gramdal,  sugar S-30, gur fine, rawa, maida, potatoes, onions, chilleies and eggs large remained steady during the week.

 In retail, the prices of moongdal, moong, tomatoes increased by Rs.5/- to Rs.10/-, Rs.10, Rs.5/- per kilo respectively and potatoes decreased by  Rs.5/- per kilo respectively during the week.

The prices of important essential commodities like parboiled  rice local, parboiled rice outside, wheat khandva, wheat shivri, jowar shalu, gramdal, gram kabuli big, sugar S-30, gur fine sunflower oil, vegetable ghee ‘Dalda’, rawa, maida, green peas, onions, chillies green, egges large and banana (Vassai) remained steady during the week.

The increased and decreased in wholesale prices and increased in retail prices were due to increase and decrease in wholesale price in supplying markets. 

The supply position of important essential commodities were normal during the week, except that of parboiled rice local, jowar shalu and coconut oil  the arrival of which was not noticed during the week.