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Panaji, May 21, 2020

Vaisakha 31,1942 


          May 31 is observed as “World No Tobacco Day”. This year the theme is ‘Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use’.

          Tobacco products are made more appealing by the industry via packaging / branding. This is very much evident in recent increased interest in e-cigarettes, vaping and heated tobacco products. Industry is doing it’s extensive marketing strategies through social media advertisements via online platform. These advertisement do not follow traditional tobacco advertising and promotion regulation as the tobacco product is not flagged as an advertisement but enlisted with social media content.

In response to the tobacco industries systematic, aggressive and sustained tactics to attract a new generation of tobacco users, World No Tobacco Day 2020 will provide a counter – marketing campaign and empower young people to engage in the flight against Big Tobacco.

          District Tobacco Control Cell, North has urged the people of this state – in pop culture, on social media, in the home, or in the classroom – who reach and connect with youth to expose tobacco industries manipulative tactics to create a new generation of tobacco users.

          There is therefore need to empower youth to stand up to Big Tobacco by dispelling its lies and refusing to use its products. It is high time our youth is empowered to take control of their health and reject tobacco addiction. It is the responsibility of every citizen and parent to build resilience among the next generation of young people against tobacco and to move steadily towards a tobacco free future.