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Panaji:   Dated: - 18/05/2020

                                                                                        Vaisakha 28, 1942


The Captain of Ports Department informed that the vector borne disease like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya is on the increase during the monsoon due the  increase in mosquito breeding habitats subsequent to the rain water collection. In order to prevent the occurrence of these disease during the monsoon, all barge owners, watersports boats owner, canoe owners and all owners /masters of the barges, passengers launches, ferry boats, tindels of fishing trawlers, and operators of the mechanized and non mechanized crafts , including the tourist boasts and cruise boasts etc., should undertake preventative measures and ensure that no rainwater accumulated in the cargo hold of the barges.

The water so collected should be drain out regularly from the barges. The owners /masters of the barges should also ensure that there is no stagnation of water in tyres used as fenders, the simplest way could be drilling a hole at the bottom of the tyres so that the water from the tyres is drain out.

The owners of the other small vessels/ crafts/canoes/watersports boats should properly cover their vessels with tarpaulin during monsoon and/ or they should keep their vessels/boats upside down during monsoon season, so that no rainwater is accumulated in the vessel. Water accumulated in the vessel should be removed /drain out regularly.

The owners/master/agents have to ensure that the labourers engaged to work on the trawlers/vessels or at the jetties need to be screened for Malaria and obtain health cards for them from Directorate of Health Services.