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By Prakash Naik,

Information Officer,



Goa has now become a Corona Free State and taking this into account, the State government has relaxed restrictions imposed during the lockdown period.  The easing of restrictions paved the way for the movement of people across the State to earn their livelihood.  The novel Corona is a deadly virus and the crisis caused due to this pandemic is yet to subside.  There is also a spike in the number of cases across the country including the neighboring States which is a matter of concern.  Considering this present scenario, people of Goa should remain alert and be extra cautious to keep themselves away from contracting the virus.  This will ensure one’s own protection along with the family members to live a happy and peaceful life.


The Government initiated various measures to contain and to combat the spread of the virus including preventive steps among the general public by disseminating and creating awareness on the corona virus pandemic.


At a time when the the world is presently reeling from COVID-19 crisis, the people of Goa heaved a sigh of relief during the ongoing lockdown period as the State figured in the list of few States in the Country to become Corona free. Undoubtedly, the success for this can be attributed to the efforts initiated by the entire Government machinery led by the Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant coupled with the exercise restraint by the people of Goa during the nation-wide lockdown in implementing the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as regard to maintaining social distancing and wearing of face masks, the norms which are presently in force.


Initially, when the news of Covid-19 pandemic broke out there were fears and apprehension in the minds of people, particularly, because of the non-availability of proper medical treatment to cure the patients infected with this novel virus which has claimed the lives of thousands of people across the globe till now.   In the fact the spurt in death toll across the world on day-today basis is a matter of concern for humanity as the pandemic is yet to subside.


In Goa ever since the imposition of lockdown, the wholehearted support and co-operation extended by the people to supplement the efforts of the State Government to fight the COVID-19 is unprecedented. The representatives of local Self Government Bodies, Stakeholders, Voluntary organizations and public servants from senior-level officers to lower rank employees came to the fore to contribute to fighting against this dreaded killer. Many people also contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to facilitate in reaching out to the needy people.


As a precautionary measure against Corona Virus, the State Government issued several advisories, orders, circulars to prevent and combat the spread of Covid -19 in Goa which is known as an International Tourist locale world over. The people of Goa from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and party affiliations supported the endeavors of the government to fight against the disease. People strictly adhered to social distancing norms, wearing face masks and other guidelines issued by MHA from time to time. This is evident from the fact that there are hardly any instances of violation of lockdown by the people.


The crucial role played by the front line warriors such as Doctors, Nurses, para-medical staff, Police personnel, and all those involved in fighting this crisis is highly commendable. The State Government also sealed all eight entry points to prevent unknown persons from entering Goa. It initiated immediate steps to cater to the needs of the people in supplying essential commodities, medicines, health care facilities, and other items to meet their requirements.

Apart from undertaking sanitization drive across the State to sanitize the Government Offices and public places, the Government adopted several other measures which include procurements of Thermal Guns to check the temperature of Government servants and the general public.  It also succeeded in bringing back Goan seafarers stranded in some parts of the Country while efforts are underway to bring back the other stranded seafarers across the globe.  The Government also facilitated the movement of stranded foreign nationals to the native places.


The need of the hour is not to remain complacent as this novel disease may raise its ugly head at any time.  We must, therefore be extra cautious and remain alert in the future.  In the prevailing situation, we should act with a sense of alertness and responsibility to get rid of such a crisis.