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April 25, 2020

The regular meeting of the State Executive Committee was held at the Forest Bhavan yesterday under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary (also Principal Secretary, PWD), Goa.  The  other members of the SEC Shri Puneet Goel, Principal Secretary, Science and Technology, Shri S.K. Bhandari, Secretary, Transport, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary Revenue, Member Secretary, SEC & SDMA and other offices attended.

Secretary, Health informed that Kiosks for collection of samples for COVID testing have been installed at Patradevi and Keri borders. She also informed that the department has started working on the vector borne disease control programme. The department has issued necessary directions for intensive fogging and other measures. The SEC advised all concerned to issue the necessary preventive guidelines, as is usually done prior to Monsoon for this programme.
The Secretary, Health informed  the departments were directed to contact her office to collect Thermal guns from as per the allocation done with respect to the requirement projected by the departments. The SEC asked all departments to ensure compliance of the MHA guidelines issued in this regard.
  Shri Vinod Kumar, Postmaster General raised the issue of movement of postal vehicles across States. He explained that their vehicles mostly go to Maharashtra.
The Collector, North-Goa held a meeting with postal authorities in the morning to understand the issue. Accordingly, it was stated that the postal vehicles from Goa would drop the goods at the Maharashtra border and pick the items for Goa therefrom. Secondly, postal vehicles will come from Maharashtra to drop the items and return thereafter and no person will stay back in Goa. This was agreed to by the SEC. He further requested that postal vehicles may be given priority movement at the borders. The SEC asked the Collector, North-Goa to issue necessary instructions in this regard.
The SEC asked the Principal Secretary, Environment to workout modalities of proper disposal of the disposable masks, as required under law.
Secretary, Port informed that samples of 66 crew of Marella Discovery have been drawn at Mumbai after their disembarkation/Sign Off, and the result would be known soon. Thereafter, they are likely to move by road to Goa. The employer will keep the crew in Goa, in a paid quarantine, at their own cost. Similar process would be followed for other vessels, viz. Karnika and Angariya. The SEC asked him to share the list of hotels/facilities with the Collectors and the Health department for proper coordination.
Secretary, WCD informed that SHGs have started production of the masks and have provided 10,500 cloth masks to both the Collectors, till date.
PCE(PWD) informed that the repaired pump at Padosem has developed a snag. Technicians need to come from outside of the State for its repair or replacement with a new pump. He further added that the restricted water supply will continue in Tuem and would be supplemented through water tankers. On the water quality issue at Mapusa, the department informed that they had verified this fact but didn't find any such problem. He further informed that 4661 workers have been engaged on the different works being executed by PWD.
Collector, North-Goa raised the issue of workers of Pharmaceutical units who are in other States and have been asked to join. The SEC asked the Principal Secretary to sensitize the Pharma companies on utilisation of staff who are available within Goa and such permits will be issued only after a proper protocol is put in place for such cases.
Director, IT informed that data entry is going on smoothly at border checkposts. The software changes based on the Health department and IGP's requirements are being tested and will be launched soon. She has also issued permission for 439 workers of 56 companies.
The Nodal Officer, NGOs informed that Gol has informed the States that they have permitted the NGOs to pick up foodgrains directly from the FCI godowns for use in relief work and details of lifting of foodgrains under such dispensation shall be intimated to collectors to ensure that foodgrains are utilised for intended purpose. The SEC asked the Nodal Officer to inform them accordingly.
The Nodal Officer (Foreigners) informed that till date 5933 foreigners have left Goa in 30 special ferry flights.
Commissioner (Excise) informed that the liquor manufacturers have produced about 3.37 lakh liters of hand sanitisers. The Excise department has also seized unauthorised stock of liquor for sale worth 2.5 lakhs at Mapusa.
Commissioner (Excise) also visited the border post with CE (Electricity). After inspection, both were of the view that the inverter would provide the requisite uninterrupted electricity supply at the six border checkposts at a cost of about Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The SEC agreed with the proposal and the expenditure be met from the Covid Relief Fund.
CE(Electricity) informed that the power supply is normal. The department has started 15 works with 159 workers on job.
Secretary, Civil Supply informed that the supply of essential items is normal in the State. She has also issued instructions to send the Groceries-on-Wheels as per any demand received, especially due to Ramzan related festivities.Secretary, Law informed that the Registration offices would be open from 27th April. The SEC asked him to ensure that these offices maintain social distancing and other safety norms as per the MHA's order.
Secretary, Panchayat informed that all the Panchayats have issued 347 permissions so far for the self-employed category as per the MHA's guidelines and about 1119 workers have been engaged in various Panchayat related activities.
20.CE(WRD) informed that 21 ongoing works have restarted. Out of 668 workers who were working on departmental worksites, and 450 have been engaged in these works. The SEC directed all the works engineers should ensure that all ongoing works reach a safe stage before the monsoon.
21.Director, Transport informed that KTCL operated 158 buses today and no buses would ply on Sunday. The SEC advised him to ensure that this information is made known in the public domain.
The SEC has decided to appoint Shri PS Reddy, Secretary (Ports) to coordinate and monitor all decisions related to seafarers on behalf of the SEC. Anthony De'Souza, JS Revenue shall continue to function as Nodal Officer and he will report to Shri PS Reddy.