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                                                                                    Panaji: April 20, 2020



The Government has decided to finalize the procedure to start industries and issue  travel passes to commence industrial activity in Industrial Estates and Rural Areas .


 It was decided to lay emphasis by state authorities to make the procedure as simple as possible so that industrial activities can be allowed to start by 20th April 2020 onwards. Industries in Industrial Estates and in Rural areas who want to start activity from April 20,2020 have to submit below Googleform.https://forms.gle/SVigsABQJdMGR7pd6*


Unit holder should go through the MHA guidelines and practice distancing  and follow other guidelines within the unit like Thermal scanning has to be made mandatory to every employee / person present in the factory and register to be maintained on Daily basis.   Random checking of register and people present in the factory would be done.


Anyone without ESI coverage to be insured. There would be police checks at the gate to check unauthorised entry of vehicle without pass. Pillion rider will not be permitted,  4 wheeler only 2 people allowed one on front seat and the other on back seat.  Commercial vehicle only one person on a row permitted.

Under no circumstances any unit should encourage employment of someone who is currently outside the state. GSIA will post the format for undertaking which needs to be printed on company letter head  duly signed and stamped by authorised person. Travel stickers to be collected from your concerned Field Manager of GIDC by producing above undertaking.


Units can now operate the second shift .Industries outside Industrial Estate should indicate to which Industrial Estate they want to tie up with for collection of sticker’s for the units which already have permissions from collector to operate.

For vehicle stickers they can also submit the same google form. But this is not mandatory, but could ease clearing vehicles at check points. For employees coming on foot they can show their ID cards else companies can issue separate permits on their letter head. Any queries can be addressed to GSIA at   gsiagoa@gmail.com .


DI/NB/ PN/NP/2020/1891