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                                                       Panaji : April 12, 2020
                                                                          Chaitra 12, 1941

      The meeting of State Executive Committee (SEC) was held on Friday in the presence of  Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant. Chief Secretary Shri Parimal Rai, IAS, along with Principal Secretary, Science and Technology Shri Puneet Goel, IAS, Secretary Transport Shri S.K. Bhandari, IAS, Secretary Revenue Shri Sanjay Kumar, IAS attended the meeting.

      Secretary Finance Shri. Daulat A. Hawaldar, IAS, DIG Shri Rajesh Kumar, IPS, PCCF Shri Subhash Chandra IFS, Secretary Health, Smt. Nila Mohanan, IAS, Commissioner Excise Shri Amit Satija IAS,  Secretary Fisheries Shri P.S. Reddy IAS, Secretary Tourism Shri J. Ashok Kumar IAS, Secretary Panchayat Shri Sanjay Grihar IAS, Secretary of Law Shri C. R. Garg IAS, Secretary Civil Supply Smt. Isha Khosla IAS, Director, Municipal Administrating Shri Tariq Thomas IAS, Principal Chief Engineer (PWD)Shri U. P. Parsekar and Shri R. G. Keni Chief Engineer (Electricity) were also present on the occasion.

      Secretary, Health Smt. Nila Mohanan IAS informed that No Covid – 19 suspected case sample is pending for the testing in GMC. Also, no new Covid 19 case has been detected after April 3, 2020. As on date, Goa has seven positive cases of Covid 19, one patient has recovered and has been shifted to a Quarantine facility outside Covid Hospital. The SEC noted with caution that Goa had not yet faced any community transmission.

      Smt. Mohanan further said that the state has received a proposal for getting e-fabricated structure for throat swab collection under CSR. One such structure has been installed at Hospicio Hospital, Margao and it is planned to place similar structures at other Government hospitals of Goa. This facility provides requisite safety to the health worker while taking throat swab samples. The SEC decided that these structures should be placed even if there is a cost involved for its procurement.

      She also informed that NIV have recently supplied 2,000 regents’ kits and 200 RNA extraction kits instead of 2,000 RNA extraction Kits as requested for ICMR has promised to provide the additional requirement as soon as possible. The GMC has also started testing for SARI related ailments. Government of India has issued guidelines on going for detailed testing of all SARI patients and rapid testing for people showing ILI symptoms. The survey data would be used for following the above instructions for Government of India.

      The SEC reviewed the progress on the manufacturing of masks. Secretary WCD informed that he has assessed the capacity of the six agencies (handicrafts and other SHGs) currently undertaking the production of masks. Their current capacity is about 20,000 per day with a cost of about Rs. 25 per mask for reusable (washable) masks. Cloths and threads to be provided to them.

      Director of Panchayat informed that 172 Panchayat out of 191 have started pre-monsoon activities. This work has also started in all 14 Municipalities. The SEC noted that the state must be well prepared to handle the monsoon.

      Secretary of Agriculture informed that eight harvesters have started operating in the State out of total 19 available. He added that he has held meetings with the Marketing Federations for buying the recently harvested crop of the farmers. Chief Minister raised concerns at the possible lack of efficient procurement of the produce from the farmers in view of the lockdown situation and directed the Agriculture Department to ensure requisite support for the said procurement.

      Police Authorities informed that they have issued necessary directions for checking the Goods train for  the possibility of people using the same for movement in/ out of Goa.

      Secretary of Civil Supplies assured that the supply of essential items is normal. Regarding some news articles in the press related to shortages at some small grocery shops, field inquiries have shown that the possible reasons relate to issues such as pending payment by retailers to distributors liquidity etc rather than availability of these items in the State. However, the SEC noted that the reports received through the media needs to be verified for a resolution. The Secretary also informed that the reported shortage of Atta is mostly limited to branded Atta in smaller packs. However, she has held meetings with stakeholders to resolve these concerns.

      All the camps are running normal and regular health checkups are carried out to attend to any health related issue on a timely basis. The Nodal Officer for Quarantine facilities informed that he visited both the Quarantine Facilities and currently there are five inmates in Margao Residency and 3 in Old Goa Residency. All the inmates are normal. One person is kept at Candolim Residency. The Nodal Officer for foreigners informed the SEC that till date a total of 3614 foreigners have left in 20 flights. He also informed that the State has facilitated the exit of citizens of about 35 countries. He has received thanking messages from those foreign missions and embassies.

      All the District Observers informed that the supplies of essential items are found to be normal in the field. They have interacted with many shop owners and found that stocks for essential commodities are available with them. The SEC asked them to visit remote areas regularly.

      The Police Authorities informed that the staff of various police stations are in touch with the 700 odd registered senior citizens to inquire about their welfare and help them meet their requirements, if any. The field officers share pictures taken with senior citizens for monitoring at HQ level. Principal Chief Engineer (PWD) informed that as directed earlier the work on erecting tents has started for the 8 monitoring posts on various State borders. The structures would be ready by Sunday. Principal Chief Engineer (PWD) reported that water supply is normal. The repair of one large Hydraulic pump, which is likely to finish soon.

     The SEC has conveyed to all concerned that as per MHA orders, any person violating these containment measures or not complying with the above directions will be liable to be proceeded against as per the provision of section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 besides legal action v/s 188 of the IPC.