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 Panaji:    April 04, 2020

 Chaitra 15, 2020


A Meeting was convened recently at Directorate of Health Services along with the Deputy Director AYUSH, experts of Gomantak Ayurveda College, Shiroda, an apex Ayurveda Institute in Goa, and other Ayurveda doctors organisations like Goa Ayurvedic Medical Association and Ayurveda Vyaspeeth Goa.


Present on the occasion were Dy. Director (AYUSH), DHS, Dr. Datta Hari Bhat, Ayurvedic Physician/ State programme Manager Dr. Mahesh Verlekar, Principal Ayurveda College, Shiroda, Dr. Anura Bale, Proff. Ayurveda College, Shiroda Dr. Neelesh Korde,

Associate Professor, Ayurveda College, Shiroda Dr. Prathmesh Karpe,  President, Goa Ayurvedic Medical Association Dr. Dharmendra Prabhudessai, General Secretary,  Goa Ayurvedic Medical Association Dr. Sneha Bhagwat, President, Ayurveda Vyaspeeth Goa Dr. Sonal Sawant and Treasurer, B.S.P Mr. Abhay Prabhu.


At the meeting it was decided that as per Ministry of AYUSH guidelines Government of India people are to be advised to follow proper dinacharya , rutucharya ,yogasanas and pranayama to maintain health.


Nasyam, Gandush has been advised to all and demos will be given wherever necessary.


To maintain the health  and immune response of the respiratory tract they have advise public to do steam inhalation with specific herbs which will be as per AYUSH guidelines.


Also regular gargling have been advised. Along with this they have also designed a preventive and immune enhancing protocol considering the current situation.

The guidelines  and preventive protocol have been developed scientifically which are based on the  classical texts. Tinospora cordifolia is the recommended herb for immune boosting which can be taken under the guidance of Ayurvedic practitioner. They are intended to enhance the cellular metabolic activity and facilitate drainage from the host’s body. It will enhance the natural immune response of the body towards any pathogen and not by suppressing or masking the immune response.


Once infective status is cleared and then rasayan treatment can be started to further strengthen the immune response so that persons do not fall sick frequently. This will enable their immune system to fight against the infection ion an efficient way. The protocol involves necessary scientific diet (Pathya) and regimen for the healthy and diseased person. Ayurveda doctors from both the districts will be trained to implement this protocol in a uniform standard way.


This will be done along with following the necessary advisories given by WHO like maintaining social distancing, personal hygiene like hand wash, use of mask, following the lock down. This will be implemented for healthy people and quarantined people. They have also advised people to consult qualified Ayurveda physicians in their vicinity regarding the understanding of preparation method and  dosage of the medicines along with scientific diet. They have however, stated that they do not claim this as any anti-viral or any antimicrobial study. Also the treatment and the preventive measures taken will be kept as data for further studies and  Research.