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Panaji:    April 3, 2020

              Chaitra 14, 2020


The Directorate of Agriculture in an Advisory for farmers has urged them to take various measures while carrying out their farm operations since the harvesting of paddy, vegetable, pulses, cashew, coconut and other crops has commenced in the State due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic.


The farmers, during harvesting, have been advised to avoid engaging more number of labours per day and to ensure that one person shall operate in unit area to maintain social distance.


They have been also urged to take safety measures like social distancing while harvesting, threshing, transportation, having meals, taking rest, handling/loading/unloading of farm produce including post harvest operation apart from maintaining personal hygiene by washing the hand with soap at regular interval to prevent spread of COVID-19.


The Directorate has emphasized to engage only familiar persons in farm operations as far as possible to ensure that entry of suspect or likely carrier is avoided during the operation.


Wash the farm implements, tractors, power tiller, transport vehicles after their use at each time with soap water.  Ensure proper drying of produce before storing to prevent pest infestation. Bags should be sundried for atleast 2-3 hours before used for packing, advised the Agriculture Department.


The farmers selling paddy to Registered Paddy Procurement agencies/Rice mills are also requested to take adequate care at all stages to avoid the spread of COVID- I 9.


Farmers are also advised to take short duration vegetable crops during this summer and the general public to grow vegetable in their kitchen garden, seeds for which are made available at Taluka Level Zonal Agricultural Offices at 50% subsidy.



DI/NB/ JA/AP/SS/SSP/2020/1797