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Panaji: March 28, 2020


The Governor has appealed to the Religious and spiritual Institutions and their leaders on COVID-19. In his message the Governor says, “ We all are  aware that entire world is passing through an unprecedented time. The pandemic COVID-19 is spreading its tentacles fast and wide throughout the world. Entire India is under lockdown to contain its spread and outbreak. Our state of Goa has also reported 3 positive cases of COVID-19. At this challenging time, I seek the support of Religious/Spiritual institutions and their leaders in dealing with the contagion. Tackling this challenge requires mobilization of all stakeholders especially the religious and spiritual institutions to respond.


Governor further stated that ``I believe that the faith communities, religious institutions and their leaders are the biggest civil societies. They have to play a proactive role in addressing COVID-19 pandemic. I am of the firm belief that in the time of uncertainty, religious leader’s ability to motivate the people and guide them to sail through the crisis would prove to be a great help to the society. Religious leaders have the power to raise awareness and influence the behaviour and practices of the people. Therefore I earnestly urge Religious/Spiritual institutions and their leaders to reach out to the people via social media and other online platforms and create awareness about hygiene practices, social distancing measures and various dos/don’ts for containing the spread of the corona virus diseases. Religious leaders/spiritual Gurus have tremendous power to educate the people on COVID-19. They must appeal to the people to follow the Government guidelines and directions with regard to COVID-19 in letters and spirit.


At this time when the entire county is under lockdown to break the chain of transmission of corona virus, the worst affected are migrants workers, daily wages workers, below poverty line people, the homeless , the beggars and poor elderlies who live alone. This testing time casts a duty on the religious institutions to feed the needy by running community kitchen. These organisation/Institution can also help in making arrangements for shelter to the stranded migrants and daily wage workers. Emergency relief material should be provided to the needy persons. Personal care material such as hand wash, hand sanitizers and masks should be distributed to them. These organisations can also chip in by providing attendant and nursing care to the elderly people who are living alone during this lockdown period. My appeal to you is to show kindness  and compassion and help these less fortunate people in whatever way you can.


The only way to fight this pandemic is coming together and by collective action we can defeat COVID-19. Your contribution will help the State in a big way, the Governor concludes.