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Panaji:March 27, 2020


Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant today held meeting with Chief Secretary Shri. Parimal Rai IAS and Senior Officers to discuss the prevailing situation on COVID-19 epidemic in the State.

During the meeting it was discussed that after opening of grocery shops For the public today, some chaotic scenes were witnessed in various areas of the State and the citizens disregarded the social distancing norms and as a result many of the grocery shop had to be closed down by the police.  it was also discussed that if this situation is allowed to continue then it will be very difficult to prevent and further outbreak and transmission of Corona virus and hence it was decided to review the arrangements and to give more stress upon home delivery of essential items to the public. 

In the meeting it was further decided to allow all private goods vehicles, holding valid permit issued by transport department, to ply in Goa, to carry food supply and other essential/exempt items. The requirement of special transport permit, issued by the Collectors, office for plying such vehicles has been done away with. This will make available idle goods vehicles which can be used to ferry groceries food and other essential items to the needy. The driver of this vehicle and also the helpers On-board such vehicles will also not require any special Pass. However the Government has warned of serious action in case this provision is misused. Also, all Health related safeguards will be ensured by them such as masks, sanitizers etc.

The grocery stores and supermarkets could also carry out home deliver of essential items to people and will prevent unnecessary crowding of the public on the streets and near grocery stores. 

It was also decided to allow Poders to home deliver the bread and pao. Bakery kitchens could function only for home delivery or through grocery stores and will should not carry out retail.

A team of Senior Officials has been convened to look into complaints pertaining  to quarantine and misuse of home quarantine facility by those who have been stamped. These officials will send reports from all over the State to the Office of Chief Minister directly for corrective action if any. 

It was also decided that BLO (Block Level Officers) be asked to work as volunteer and provide assistance for providing these essential supplies. 
Around 2000 volunteers are being appointed all over the State to deliver goods groceries and supplies to the needy and especially the senior citizens.