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Panaji : February 24, 2020

                               Phalguna 5, 1941 


          The Seventh Economic Census is being conducted by Ministry of Statistics and Programme (MoSPI) implementation to provide disaggregated information on various operational and structural aspects of all economic establishments in the country. The economic census provides valuable insights into geographical spread, clusters of economic activities, ownership activity.

          For the conduct of Census, MoSPI has partnered with Common Service Centre (CSC), e-Governance Services India Limited, Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, as the implementing agency. The enumerators and supervisors engaged by CSC have been trained to collect data on mobile application developed for the capture, validation, report generation and dissemination.

          The data will be collected through door to door survey of each household and commercial establishment under the provisions of collected of statistic Act 2008, will be kept strictly confidential and used only for development planning and statistical purposes.

          The data collected by enumerators will be verified by supervisors in subsequent visit to the concerned household and establishment. After completion of data collection and processing, the statistical result of 7th Economic Census would be released.

          A dedicated helpdesk with regional language support has been set up with a toll-free number (1800-3000-3468) for addressing queries of fieldworkers and citizens in general. A dedicated web-page has been created on the website of the Ministry (http://mospi.nic.in/7theconomic-census) to facilitate dissemination of information on various aspects of conduct of 7th EC.

          The Government has requested the citizen to cooperate with the assigned enumerators who will be conducting a door to door survey.\