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Panaji : February 14, 2020

                                  Magha 25, 1941 


          The District Magistrate, South has notified No Parking Zone Truck Terminal at Titan Gate to Blits Global Technologies, L-87, Cyratron Techmation, L-9 to Snartlink, L-7, Smartlink, L-7 to Sparrow Electronics Ltd. (SC-1/38, 39),  F.D.C. Ltd. S-19 to Goldy Circlips, S-21, Sulabh Toilet on NH-66 B to Goldy Circlips, S-21, Bule Cross, L-16 to Prakash Corrugated, L-42, I.F.B., L-1 to S.A. Oxynitro, L-45B, Fire Station to Muktar Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., L-76, Muktar Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., L-76, Near Ut. Koisk no. UK-6/Sulabh Toilet, Navdeep Laundry, U-V to Bharat Petroleum, M-19 TO m-35, Colorcon, M-14 to M-18 to Raiturkar print &Pack, Raksha Ravindra Tilve, Ut. Kiosk 12 to Race Industries, S-119, Near Recina Adeline ponts D’Mello, Kiosk 13 & Deepak Naik, Kiosk 14 and outside the Truck Terminal.